Message form Campus Chief

Mr. Bhola Nath Ojha

I am highly delighted to be acquainted with the prospective students, parents and the well wishers by welcoming at Janamaitri Multiple Campus as one of the pioneering community campuses in Nepal. It stands with a vision to be developed as a deemed university by making a center of academic excellence for meeting the emerging challenges of modernization and globalization. It is striving ahead with full potentials. I am glad to see that the academic and management teams of the campus have been working very hard to make this happen by equipping the students with weariless attempts for their prosperous future.
The campus has been proven with innovative pedagogical practices in the path of imparting quality education and leading to the production of efficient human resource with professional settlement in diverse fields as per students' needs. It's my pride to announce that this campus has been able to embrace with a team spirit of best faculties and other essential physical facilities that are needed for coping in 21st century competitive academic arena.
I would, hereby, wish and urge all the prospective students, guardians and the entire stakeholders to be assured on achieving quality education in a sound and peaceful academic environment with affordable fee. I feel that campus is highly committed to unleash potentials for the overall expansion of young and inquisitive minds and opening the entrance for enabling them to be successful future professionals and commendable civilians of the nation.